What’s the Ruckus?

Dixie Daisy’s grandfather has just died. He’s left her his pecan farm with all the acres. The family is in an uproar, but no one hates Daddy D’s will more than the people renting at Ross Shopping Plaza. Daddy D divided his shopping center in downtown Ailment between his kids:  Jasper, Issac, Cassandra, Joelle, and Patricia. 

  • How will Seattle settler Cassandra deal with the hardware store’s unreliable income? For months they’ve been paying rent on the barter system. Will Cassandra accept her payment in tools or will she boot them out for a more reliable business?
  • Uppity society matron, Patricia, has no use for her mom’s dress shop, Claral’s Closet. She wants to rent it out to a new lawyer, but there’s just one problem, her mother, Claral is alive and kicking and still wants to sew her 75 year old fingers off. But a stroke takes away Claral’s ability to control her hands, will Patricia use this to make sure Claral’s Closet has sewn it’s last stitch?
  • Issac has been running the family grocery store, Ross Market, for ten years now. How does he feel about sharing the profits with his siblings?
  • JRoss Barber Shop is a staple in the community, but Jasper, the barber, hardly works. He’d rather drink and play cards. Jasper is pissed that his dad’s will gives Issac control of the building. Will he opt for life on Bourbon street or will he stick it out in Ailment to keep hi-top fades from coming back in style?
  • Scarlette Lyons, Jasper’s daughter, rents the smallest section of the shopping center that is now her father’s bequest.  That Scrub raised her rent by $200.  Now Ramen Noodles and Kool-Aid loom in future. With the economy down, her ex-husband’s new expensive girlfriend and wigs on sale, Scarlette, 28 year old aspiring singer and divorced mother of three, sees a future with less weave and more microphones. No matter what her future holds, one thing is certain–she needs money now. Will she resort to doing Jheri curls and fingerwaves to steal Ms. Freda’s clients or will she moonlight as a lounge singer at Mississippi’s underground casinos?
  • Joelle, Dixie’s mom, wanted to get out of Ailment since the day she hit puberty, but a teen pregnancy and a slew of bad choices has her rooted in Ailment for the long haul as Danny Q’s Diner short order cook. Will her boss, Pamela Dunn, treat her different now that she owns the building or will Joelle still have to hide the knives?


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